You're invited NSSF Shooting Range Conference

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Are you aware of a new event being hosted by the NSSF later this summer called the NSSF Range-Retail Business Expo

As you know the NSSF does excellent work to promote and support the range business.  In attendance will be folks like yourself, range owners, developers, and a few consultants, and it takes place August 19-21, 2019 in Aurora, CO.  The Expo will include several education tracks, with day one focused on assisting those looking to develop a new range, and day two and three will be geared towards presenting the latest operational methods, promotions and changes to take their range to the next level.  The Vendor Exhibition will showcase the main providers of range equipment, POS, IT and related products, all ready to answer your questions. 

NSSF Shooting Range Conference Denver area, Colorado in August 2019

NSSF Shooting Range Conference Denver area, Colorado in August 2019

Through my role as an NSSF Range Action Specialist I will be a featured speaker during the event.  As such, Range Development Services has a special promotion code for our existing and prospective clients to receive a $75 discount off the attendee registration fee.  Our attendee registration promotion code (listed below) is valid through June 30, 2019, so hurry and register soon.

 Promo Code: "EXPOSAVINGS"

I'll look forward to seeing you there if you can attend!  If not, no worries, I'll look forward to the chance to work (or continue working, as the case may be) with you.

Let me know if you end up registering so I'm aware you'll be there...look forward to it!