LIfe as a firearms retailer

The purchase of a range membership, firearm, optic or another accessory is not just another data point to be calculated or considered.  Each is an example of a process that is to be studied, understood and refined.

Allocation of Resources

How do you expect to spend your time and money while establishing your Range?

The reality is, less than 15% of our time is spent on the Range Equipment (baffles, stall walls, trap and target carriers)…there is much more to the Process including budgeting, planning, refining, .

Solution Services

•Proven Budgets and Financials Projections

•Architectural and Civil Design (Schematics / Design Development / Const. Docs for permitting and construction)

•Need a bank? Funding guidance including introduction to lenders to source debt if necessary

•Legal guidance, insight and final draft of Operating Agreement

•Fund Raising cash / equity Guidance

•Entity and Investor configuration

•Design solutions for both customer experience and operational requirements

•Negotiate contract terms and conditions and manage: Contractors, vendors, manufacturers and designers

•Profit strategies to save money $10k’s per year

•Scheduling logistics to save time

•Construction oversight for the upfit and installation of improvements and finishes necessary to receive a certificate of occupancy.

Navigate this process while minimizing risk

Various features of shooting range Facilities:

  • Firearms Retail (Gun / Ammo / Accessories)

  • Archery Retail

  • Café / Restaurant

  • Boutique

  • Simulators

  • Range Bays at 15, 25, 50, and 100 yard including Tactical and Taper Bays

  • Indoor Archery Range and Archery Retail

  • Martial Arts Studio

  • Crossfit Gym

  • Classrooms

  • Gunsmith

  • NSSF 5 Star Rated

  • Lounge

  • Indoor Clays (Shotgun)


operations related scope of services

•Memberships selling strategies

•Understanding profits from shopper mindset and the truth about “Customer Experiences”

•Marketing: Understanding social vs traditional media opportunities

•Recommendation for Instructor training for new shooters

•12 month marketing schedule