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Shooting Range Membership

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Shooting range memberships are key to the success of an indoor shooting range facility. The type of memberships to be offered should be considered during the planning, budget and design phases; really from the early conceptual stages so that the business model is driven by the heartbeat of its range membership offerings.

Yes, range memberships check the box of providing a more predictable cash flow each month. However, your membership should be driven by the culture of the business, wherein community is facilitated. The days of “build it and they will come” are passed.

Questions to consider:

  • Should monthly shooting range memberships be driven by the savings a customer will realize if they shoot more than once? This is the model being used by virtually all indoor shooting range facilities around the country that have been build in the past half dozen years.

  • Are all memberships the same or should you have a tiers of benefits, pricing and commitments; and how many membership types is too many? More is not always better.

Modern indoor shooting range facilities are in fact complex operations. Many have been drawn to the idea of owning and operating a shooting range, but the range with stalls, targets, baffles and a quality rubber trap is not the difficulty. It’s retail that is a challenge!

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