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Ammunition Sales 2020

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

In addition to record gun sales in the US, ammo sales are up 139% according to the NSSF. This has tapped the age old economic principle of supply and demand in ways not experienced previously. While the situation continues, indoor shooting ranges and other firearms retailers are limiting the number of boxes shoppers can purchase and shoppers are paying higher prices. These are due to several factors. In addition to the politic fears driven by election season proclamations, the effects of COVID 19 on the supply chain of raw materials needed to produce the quantity of ammo necessary to keep up is being realized. When the mine shuts down or has fewer workers on the job the manufacturers are effected, and so on up the supply chain to retailers and ultimately firearms enthusiasts.

What do we think this all points to? The need for more firearms training and education along with more safes and access to quality indoor shooting facilities in areas convenient to those without access to land on which a shooting range can be configured.


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