Scope of Services


Project Scope

  • Vision and Conceptualization

  • Location / Market Analysis

  • Demographic Analysis and Comparison Study

  • Facility Scale and Capability


  • Site Selection (20 years of nation wide site selection experience for national retailer and start ups)

  • Building and land assessment from legal, entitlements and physical perspectives

  • Properly framing the project for seller buy-in to the necessary steps in the process


Due Diligence

  • Three Stages of Due Diligence (Empowers you to scale into the project rather making a full upfront commitment)



  • CTE - Cost to Establish Budget

  • Real Estate related costs

  • Soft Costs

  • Hard Costs

  • Equipment Costs

  • FF&E

  • Operating Expenses

  • Revenue Projections

  • Equity Position (10 year projected returns)



  • How to raise money for an indoor shooting range

  • How to position an indoor range with a lender


  • Understand and harness each step in the design process:

    • Schematic

    • Design Development

    • Construction Documents

  • Identify, qualify and engage / contract with the design team with clarity about the complexities of a shooting range facility and intentionality of the vision

  • Customer Experience


Shooting Range Equipment

- Industry Insight, Relations and Contracting -

  • Range Ballistics

    • Bullet trap options (Rubber vs Steel UNBIASED insight on the operational pros and cons of each)

    • Shooting Stalls

    • Baffle System

    • Lead Recovery Process / Maintenance

  • Range Ventilation HVAC

    • OSHA / NIOSH / EPA Compliance

Vendor Selection

POS / Security / CRM / Marketing / community relations & partners / facility maintenance



The typical project involves three or four dozen individuals with individual scopes, deliverables, budgets, timelines. They all have multiple benchmarks that must be tracked and acted upon to ensure an on time and on budget Grand Opening.


Budget Tracking

Budgets are tracked and available for review throughout the project through a secure cloud stored Requisition Form that owners, banks and investors require.


Standard Operating Procedures

  • Open and Close Procedures

  • Hiring process

  • Inventory

    • Management

    • Control

    • Buy Process

    • Merchandising

    • Cash Management

    • Shipping and Receiving

  • Security

    • Exterior

    • Interior

    • Inventory

    • Intrusion Detection

    • Cameras and Physical Mechanisms

  • FFL Safety and Compliance, and more…


Stuart mullen’s career path means Range Development Services provides not just a unique, but an unmatched background of experience and expertise that allows entrepreneurs, investors, lenders and business owners to:

  • optimize the necessary steps involved to their advantage

  • remain focused on running their existing business

  • create a more effective new brand

  • allowing time to refine and grown brand equity

  • focus on the operational needs

  • focus on hiring and training the right people for the right jobs

  • save time

  • save money