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The road map for establishing a new business already exists. Each owner, site and city we work with have differing opportunities and influences that impact one’s ability to succeed.

Range Development Service's Project Management division oversees the various teams involved in the complex process including budgeting, contractors, subs, the design team and vendors. Experience navigating these teams minimizes risks and optimizes time.

Range Development Services was born out of a need for:

  • Budgeting​​​

         The cost to establish a range facility comes from planning, square footage calculator, lane demand, land costs, etc​

          Revenue and operating costs

           Investor return

  • Firearms shooting range industry insight.

         Vendors, Designers, Contractors, Suppliers, Subcontractors

  • Strategic recommendations and guidance from concept to cash register.

            Who on your team knows what the necessary steps are, how long they take, the order / sequence of             them, which can run concurrently, and how much each will cost?

  • Proven expertise.

    • You will find a proven guidance track record that has resulted in the creation of many retail brands, several of which have gone on to build multiple locations.

These, and other solution services, are not otherwise available when planning, designing, negotiating for and building an indoor shooting range. With Range Development Services, you will find clarity for all parties involved in the process of establishing a successful shooting range and firearms retail store.

Stuart Mullen’s unique career path offers an unmatched background of experience and expertise that allows entrepreneurs, investors, lenders and business owners to:

- optimize the necessary steps involved to their advantage.

-remain focused on running their existing business.

- create a more effective new brand.

- allow time to refine and grown brand equity.

- focus on the operational needs.

- focus on hiring and training the right people for the right jobs.

- save time.

- save money.


Interested in finding out more?  Use this form to connect about a project you have interest in and to stay informed on shooting range industry related matters.

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