As a frequent patron at gun stores and shooting ranges and with professional products designed to bring more shooting ranges online around the U.S., the fact that there are dozens upon dozens of gun laws regulating if not out right prohibiting certain acts by federal firearms licenses, also known as FFL’s, and by potential gun buyers that go unenforced is infuriating.   Recently in a local gun shop I witnessed a customer get turned down for a failed NICS background check.  The results, he was not permitted to buy the rifle he wanted.  That’s it…have a nice day.  Who is he?  Why did he fail the background check?  Whey is is trying to buy a gun if he shouldn’t?   

Where is the call for more laws about our freedom of speech?  People cause damage and are harmed by what people say, yet the out cry and volume of proposals are diminutive at most.  

Here’s the report on of what Gov. Gregg Abbott is supporting.