Establishing Next Generation Shooting Range Facilities

Finance and Funding

Range Development Services does not source the funding needed to build a range facility.  Our services are structured such that the owner-operator will be empowered with knowledge, information, and insight to better facilitate the investor relations, raise money and secure a bank loan*.

Investors want to know the individuals who are going to be accountable and in a position of authority regarding the day-to-day facility operationals.  While Range Development Services will provide you, the operator, with valuable guidance based upon what we see happening (strengths and weaknesses) in range facilities around the country, funding a multi-million dollar facility also depends upon the operator’s ability to effectively communicate and negotiate the objectives of the facility and respond to investor concerns/objections.

Want to know how to build an indoor shooting range?  You need money…

Today’s ranges, depending upon several factors, cost more than two million and easily upwards of four million dollars to establish.  Currently our projects range in total cost to establish from $3.5m to +$7m.  

There are a number of strategies for raising funds necessary to establish a shooting range, and a number of determining factors influence what funding will be needed.  The average facility (including the range itself, a gun and accessories store, educational / training space, and gunsmith) may have a dozen or so shooting lanes and be anywhere from 12,000 to more than 30,000 square feet.   A new range must also be 100% climate controlled.   Each client will have personal reasons or professional motivations to structure their funding in a way that suits them, the needs of their project, and their investors.


Our Scope includes guidance and recommendations to navigate through the timing and cost issues that can impact a shooting range project and do so in a coherent manner.  A common question is “which do I do first, go get the site or go get the money?”

This is where the “art” of the deal comes in to play.  One key goal of Range Development Services is to ensure the real estate in question can actually be used for a shooting range.  This reaches far beyond the question of zoning to include financing, code/regulatory compliance, facility programming, and the multifaceted examination of the real estate (whether an existing building or raw land, etc).

As with any business venture, risks are inevitable.  Minimizing those risks provides assurances to investors that you have the skills and knowledge at your disposal to not only establish a range, but to do so with the utmost professionalism.

Two critical path tasks for successfully opening a shooting range are evaulating the physical condition of the property (whether a renovation or raw land for a new building) and evaluating the depth of the market (not all areas of the country are range-ready.)

Having access Range Development Services’ methodical, tested, and proven skillset for establishing an indoor shooting range will better enable you to attract investors and secure a bank loan so that you can take your shooting range from concept to cash register!  

Email us for more information on our Scope of Services and the nature of our involvement in building your shooting range.

*Information and knowledge are key to securing funding.  However, there are nuances to raising investment dollars.  Interpersonal dynamics with each prospective investor / bank and lender bureaucracy can frustrate or keep a project from materializing.  For these reasons, Range Development Services does not guarantee funding of a shooting range project as a direct result of having been engaged.