Been spending time reviewing and modifying, then tweaking and really getting into the creative process with the floor plan design for our next shooting range project each day this week.  We even flipped the building so that it faces the other direction now.  It’s such a fun part of the process of establishing a next generation shooting range that many who try spend a lot of time and money on the design before they are truly far enough into project due diligence and feasibility to do so.   What this means for us is that we see it it not only as fun, but as a privilege. Which makes it even more fun!

Fully understanding what inspires, motivates and gratifies today’s shooting sports customers is key.  The operational wants and needs of the range staff are also vital and can often complement or work against.  Oh, and don’t for get, there’s still the building code we all have honor.  The next steps for us involve both raising some equity and debt while we sort out the site plan with the city.  The science of retail is real.  Range Development Services, LLC seeks to get better at creating more valuable places with each shooting range project.  This shooting range will open in 2018.

Floor Plan Design Process