Establishing Next Generation Shooting Range Facilities

Some RangeDS Benefits

Range Development Services saves time:

  • Use our 15 years of real estate experience to save yourself some time.  We know about the range industry and the process of building a range from concept to cash register.  We have researched, analyzed, and successfully put to use our knowledge of establishing commercial real estate projects and shooting ranges.  
  • Our experience helps avoid unnecessary exposure to risks associated with due diligence and includes the feasibility analysis of potential range locations, whether for lease, sale, new construction, or a building for renovation. 
  • Properly positioning the project with city / county officials requires insight that is key.  As a former City Planner, I bring together the knowledge of land use entitlements and the feasibility, viability, zoning compliance, acquisition of property, and construction oversight.  Our involvement anticipates issues in a unique manner that can prevent or minimize delays or confusion about the process. 
  • We have developed a schedule, tailored to each project, with more than 225 key steps that clearly map out the project schedule, tracking, and documenting.  This schedule is shared (through the cloud) and updated among the various project participants during process. 
  • The team necessary to establish a range needs coordination.  An architect, engineers, contractors, as well as other consultants and vendors have a job to complete the task that they have been given.  Range Development Services coordinates its collective efforts with ownership interest as its sole focus – a unique and empowering offer that provides valuable certainty and assurances. 

Range Development Services saves you from frustration:

  • Because they are unique buildings (identified as “special use” by most lenders and often not recognized by a city zoning ordinance as a “use permitted by right”), no two indoor shooting ranges are established in exactly the same manner.  Range Development Services’ Scope includes valuable review and coordination of the plans between various trades, designers, and equipment manufacturers, etc.  Real dollars and time can be lost if this aspect of the project is not managed with insightful experience.
  • By timing the project and providing the guidance necessary to avoid being obligated to a property before Project Justification, our clients have assurances that they can fund the project and use the property as envisioned.

Range Development Services saves money:

  • Having researched and purchased various equipment and system configurations from range equipment manufacturers, we make recommendations in accordance with defined needs and objectives.  Our motivation is that the facility be capable of upholding and exceeding the expectations of satisfaction that range guests will have once it is operational. 
  • We offer a particular recommendation that will improve the cash flow of a profitable shooting facility significantly.  These strategies are new to everyone to whom we have recommended them. 

What Range Development Services is not:

  • An Operator (our clients become Operators of the facilities we help establish.  Point of Sales systems, vendor and supplier relationships, community relations and customer acquistion / service are the owner-operator's responsiblity) 
  • Source of equity (raising funds is a matter left to the owner-operator…those are your relationships to cultivate, develop and manage)
  • Not a source for lending (similar to the investor relationships, a lender will rely on the operator / borrower)