Establishing Next Generation Shooting Range Facilities

Proven Performance

We have a proven performance and great feedback from our clients.

"Stuart Mullen with Range Development Services is developing my indoor shooting range.  Stuart has been instrumental in this project moving forward and on time.  He consistently provides accurate information on the entire development process and is a true professional in this field.  Stuart thinks outside the box when faced with challenging situations and funnels creative recommendations into practical applications to overcome the hurdles associated with this project.  He is excellent at analyzing problems and presenting strong, viable solutions and constantly strives to find mutually agreeable alternatives.

Stuart is fully knowledgeable of the entire range development process and accurately answers my questions regarding the project.  He is well organized, confident and logical in his approach and articulates the project material so there is no confusion on the part of his clients.  Stuart is extremely well versed in the range construction methodology as well as regulatory concerns (OSHA/EPA), land procurement, planning, permitting and zoning procedures and he has developed a vast network of professionals to assist in all aspects of the development of the range.  In his capacity he acts as the “go-between” for all professionals needed to complete this project to include: Attorneys, architects, real estate brokers, general contractors, permitting/zoning officials as well as many players in the shooting community that can assist in the future operation of the business. 

Stuart Mullen is a highly experienced, consummate professional who takes great pride in his quality of work.  He is constantly researching and implementing improvements to Range Development Services to implement into future projects.  I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to develop an upscale shooting facility.
Thom Bolsch
Bear Arms Range
(Note: Mr. Bolsch is a 25 year Secret Service Agent and is building this facility as his as his next chapter post retirement).

"My initial skepticism has been put to rest. Now several months in to the process of developing our range complex, and building our business, the positive impact of RangeDS is undeniable. Stuart's continued consolidation of the shooting sports industry's many facets under his advisory umbrella delivers tangible time savings in the planning phase, and peace of mind regarding the soundness of your investment. Additionally, the metrics generated by RangeDS to access the feasibility of your plans and forecast its potential are highly worthwhile, and deliver instant value to your project."

Elliott Hillock
(Note: At the time of this statement, Mr. Hillock was about 3 months into the process with RangeDS.)

"This relationship {with RangeDS} has proven to be invaluable. Having Stuart run point for us on this project has kept the project on time and on budget. Without his knowledge and interaction with the general contractor, architects, various permitting agencies, vendors, and subcontractors, we feel sure this project would have well exceeded its budget in both time and cost."

Brian Sisson
Owner The Range at Lake Norman & The Range at Ballantyne (Opening 2nd Qtr ’14)
(Note: Sisson and his partners have engaged Range Development Services again for a second time for another new, larger range facility on the other side of town).