Establishing Next Generation Shooting Range Facilities

Law Enforcement & Government Agency

Range Development Services, LLC provides services for the establishment of non-commercial / retail live fire training facilities around the world for:

  • Local / State Police
  • Federal Agency’s
  • Military

With prior governmental experience (Land Development Coordinator / City Planner), we affirm and promote a comprehensive approach to determining if and how to use taxpayer / government funded for a live fire shooting range for year-round training and to satisfy annual qualification requirements:

  • Needs analysis
    • Quantity of training / qualifications
    • Quality of training – environmental and personnel safety
    • Accessibility
    • Shared facility among department and partner agency’s
  • Project scoping
    • Demand Determination
    • Facility Capabilities
    • Project Justification
  • Design
    • Building schematics / floor plan evaluation
    • Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing and Structural
    • Range equipment
  • Construction and shooting range equipment budgeting / competitive bidding
  • Construction oversight, upfit coordination, quality control

Whether for the retrofit of an existing, dated training range, or the construction of a brand new shooting range, our unique professional experiences serve the public interests by aiding to ensure that government’s responsibility to deploy resources in a manner that maximizes the use of a firearms training facility will be in the best public interest.  Range Development Services’ commercial shooting range experience is beneficial to the construction of a agency owned/operated shooting range facility if project justified is reached.  Our approach factors in both the use of funds as well as the specific needs of the agency(s) that will utilize the facility.

As with a commercial shooting ranges, while the use of the shooting range equipment (i.e. the steel baffles, bullet trap, target retrieval system, range ventilation system, etc.) is the heart of the facility, and as easy as it is to compile quotes from shooting equipment manufacturers, the process outlined involved with establishing a live fire shooting range has many factors time and money associated costs.

Range Development Services’ role affords the agency / department the opportunity:

  • For staff to remain focused on areas of expertise and primary job responsibilities
  • To engage an unbiased partner in the efforts to tailor and justify (if justify) the project
  • To receive experienced insight across all aspects of the project including:
    • civil engineering (site planning)
    • architectural contract scoping and coordination with range equipment manufacturers to minimize scope creep (resulting in additional design and construction costs)
    • budgeting with a detailed data base of construction costs (from many cities around the U.S.)
    • coordination of General Contractors requirements (schedule, budget, contract requirements, upfit)
    • sound abatement

Range Development Services’ efforts help create more certainty around the issues involved with building a shooting range facility.