Establishing Next Generation Shooting Range Facilities

Why Do We Exist?

Several years ago as we began researching, studying, and documenting key features (both good and bad) of shooting facilities around the country, it became apparent that the skills and knowledge we have acquired and now provide to others are:

  • extremely specialized / unique,
  • rare (no other group offers a Scope of Services that matches ours),
  • of tremendous value given the time, money required, and risks associated with building a shooting range, and
  • desperately needed within the fire arms / shooting industry. With the exception a few isolated segments of the U.S., this country craves quality shooting facilities.

From Concept to Cash Register

Range Development Services provides recommendations regarding business planning, market feasibility, real estate site selection and due diligence, range equipment recommendations, and construction administration.

Our owner-operators ask Range Development Services to effectively act as their eyes, ears, and mouthpiece throughout the process so they can remain focused on their existing business and, as grand opening approaches, on establishing the range facility operations side of the business. Range Development Services offers an alternative to halting the owner-operator’s professional and personal life in an effort to learn all the nuances and strategies of how to build a complex facility on time and on budget.