Establishing Next Generation Shooting Range Facilities

Why Engage RangeDS?

Here’s an interview with Owner / Operator, Thom Bolsch of Saddle River Range in Texas, commenting at about the 2:30 minute mark on our involvement.

It’s not easy planning a new business, particularly one as unique as an indoor shooting range.  Range Development Services understands the pitfalls and recognizes the opportunities.

We live and breathe this process on a daily basis. We understand the national safety standard’s design process and systems requirements and provide step-by-step guidance toward compliance.  The “when to do what” question will arise hundreds of time through the process of planning, determining permitting feasiblity, and constructing a range facility.

Strategic Partnership

We work as a strategic partner to put the project on the path to becoming a quality shooting facility you can be proud of, meeting the needs of the demographic, maximizing a return on investment.  The value our Scope of Services offers far exceeds the monetary cost of our involvement.  Once your project begins to materialize, you will enjoy the benefits.

Those who engage us acknowledge that “they don’t know what they don’t know” and thus realize the need for Range Development Services as a guide and strategic partner.

There is no other company like Range Development Services.  Our goal is to make sense of the process and bring into focus issues around corners many are not aware exist.  This separates Range Development Services from others who claim range consulting or development services, but whose focus and knowledge really revolve around only a narrowly focused aspect of what goes into establishing a quality shooting range facility.

Range Development Services is a strategic partner taking a comprehsive approach to the goals and objectives of its Owner-Operators.   It’s for this reason, our fee structure is not hourly based compensation nor is it a “call us when you think you need us“, type service offering.  We feel this approach is uniquely more beneficial to the successful establishment of a new shooting range facility…a Next Generation Range!