Establishing Next Generation Shooting Range Facilities

NSSF Star Rating System replaces the 5 Star Rating System

According to NSSF staff, the new Star Rating System has replaced the 5 Star Range rating system it uses through an extensive evaluation and inspection process to determine whether indoor shooting ranges meet safety and operational standards the U.S. public deserves and has come to expect.  The criteria has been changed to raise the bar for indoor shooting range facilities.  The implications are that all ranges that had the designation previously will have to re-apply for a rating that can be or 5 something less than 5 (no longer just 5 Stars, or nothing).  Many formerly 5 Star rated indoor shooting ranges will either lose their status or be forced to make changes to earn it again.  In a fast changing and competitive space like the indoor gun range business, we see the change as being beneficial to the industry both inward from an operational perspective and the non-shooting / new shooter populations as well.

Range Development Services, LLC  is dedicated to the efforts of conceptualization, design, design implementation, community relations through the rezoning and special use or conditional use process, permitting strategies, finance and funding structures, operating agreements, vendor and contractor relations, as well as construction oversight through upfit, inspections and issuance of certificate of occupancy all in the range owners benefits.