It’s a shock that at this point in world of indoor shooting ranges business development that these sort of blood lead level and contamination problems arise.  This recent story about a shooting range getting cited and fined is sad for the now sick individual, the shooting range as a business, and customers who have to endure this sort of poor performance from some (a very few) folks in the firearms industry.  

It appears this is:

  1. not a new shooting range facility
  2. not well run or maintained
  3. a business with in adequate standard operating procedures 
  4. a reminder to all other shooting ranges…this is a serious issue not to be ignored, dealt with later or in any manner shrugged off as no big deal.  

The opportunity here is that a shooting range, particularly an indoor shooting range, can serve as an asset to a community by offering knowledge, skills and training in a safe and friendly manner.  The days of reaching grand opening for an indoor range and then just, in effect, being “in the way” of those who want to shoot are passing us by, not not gone.  

If you have the need for standard operating procedures that will help ensure a safe and clean indoor shooting range, contact Range Development Services, LLC at 855.211.1919 for an assessment of where you are in your shooting range planning and construction process and what steps are ahead to ensure a strong opening of a quality facility everyone can be proud of and not be afraid of.