Yesterday another gun store owner contacted Range Development Services about constructing a new indoor shooting range.  This continues to be a common occurrence.  “Where to shoot guns that are purchased from an FFL?”, is a questions gun dealers are faced with passively (in the mind of the buyer if unspoke) or in conversation during the 4437 required paperwork part of the transaction.

There is a new opportunity facing the gun industry; with the tremendous gun sales that have occurred during the past decade, there are more firearms in the hands of untrained or only slightly trained citizens and only an incrementally increased number of places to shoot, particularly for those who don’t have access to rural lands.

With hundreds of millions of guns in the hands of private citizens, the responsibility to establish quality, next generation, shooting range facilities is a big one.  We take pride in the fact that several of our range owners has gone on to or are in the process of building another shooting range location.  The benefits of scaling the shooting range model one has created are real.  That first one is a mountinous labor for a new range owner / operator.  With a proven track record (all of our ranges are still operational and under the same ownership structure they set up with day one) and a management structure in place with trained staff, HR, and standard operating procedures (SOP’s), establishing another location becomes less about operational logistics and more about the real estate and construction.

Police Department Qualifications

So, it’s logical that an FFL who only operates a store (without a range) is well positioned to construct a range.  Many of the operational / SOP knowledge already exists.  As it stands, they are sending revenue away for someone else to capture.  It’s not just in range fees.  Additional ammo sales, accessories, league / competition (IDPA, 3Gun Comps, etc), and, the big one, SHOOTING RANGE MEMBERSHIPS!

For anyone interested in seeing a range associated with their local gun shop, or if you have interest in establishing a range yourself, contact to have an exploratory conversation about the process and its challenges.  Range Development Services has gotten really good and this!